Handmade Oriental Rugs

Tips To Help You When Purchasing

Today, many people are using rugs to decorate their homes. Rugs add color and warmth to any room, making it beautiful and inviting. Handmade Oriental rugs are some of the rugs that you should not miss in your home. However, you should be careful when buying to ensure that you do not buy a counterfeit Oriental rug. You may fall into the trap of those people who sell fake Oriental, Turkish, and Persian handmade rugs.

The following are some of the tips that will guide you when shopping for handmade Oriental rugs:

The Country Of Origin

Check to ensure that the rug is made in Iran, Turkey, or central Asia. It is the one thing that you do not want it to be made in the USA. If it is not made in either of these countries, then, it is not a genuine Oriental rug. 

Is It Really Handmade?

If you intend to buy a handmade rug, ensure that it is actually handmade, especially if you are paying the price of a handmade rug. Some salespeople might try selling you a machine-made rug insisting that it is handmade. You can tell the difference by checking the back of the rug. For a handmade rug, you can clearly see the design. However, for a machine-made rug, the design is faint or not visible at all. 

Check For Quality

Checking for quality involves discerning if the rug was made well. You can do this by merely looking at it and feeling it. If the colors look dull or if it feels dry, then, it most probably was made from dead wool obtained from a dead sheep. Such is a low-quality rug. A good rug is one that is made from wool derived from a live sheep. You can also tell the quality of a carpet, by measuring the knots per square inch. If the rug has many knots, then, you are assured that it is of high quality.

The pointers above will help you in choosing an original high-quality Oriental rug. However, before you make your purchase, you need to ensure that what you are buying will fit well in the area of placement. Consider the following tips on purchasing a rug:

  • Check The Right Size

It is essential that you take the exact measurements of the place that you wish to cover so that you can buy the right size of a rug. Be sure to leave at least some space all around the margin of the wall.

  • Padding

To prolong the lifespan of your otherwise very expensive rug, you must use proper rug padding underneath it. It will act as a protective layer to it.

  • Multiple Rugs

If you want to purchase more than one Oriental rugs, make sure that one of them is bigger than the rest so that it can be the dominating one. The others should also come in similar designs so that they do not clash.

  • Color

The color depends on the effect that you want to create in a room. If you want the place to look more spacious, then use light-colored rugs. Dark colors create a cozier feel. Choose what suits your decor requirements.

The above tips will guide you through identifying and purchasing genuine handmade Oriental rugs.

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